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Network Services

Design, setup and support of Microsoft Networks
Design, setup and support of Novell Networks
Design, setup and support of Wide Area Networks

Internet Connections - Standalone/Lan based Web access and Email setups

Custom built PC's / Upgrades

Whether you need a custom Network Server, Powerhouse Graphics Machine or a full Multimedia System with Video Capture, we can design and build it for you.... and then supply any upgrades to ensure peak performance

Consultancy Services

Got a problem with your system? Having trouble with all the Technospeak?

Let Yendor Systems cut through the jargon. We can...
Audit your current system
Analyse this against any plans you have
Advise on the best technology to achieve your business goals.

If required, we can work with you and your preferred supplier to find the best solution.

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Last updated 5/7/2009